Laughlin River Run

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We took a trip this weekend down to the Laughlin River Run to check out all the other Harleys and bikes and see what kind of display we want for the finished Metal of Honor Harley. Visited with the folks at Chrome Fusion to get an update on our Harley and met the guys from Condor Motorcycle Products.

Condor's Pitstop Chock product is pretty awesome. I've been trying to figure out how we can keep Metal of Honor stable when it's on display in crowded environments. The last thing we need if for it to get tipped and damage Sandy's hard work (example of his hand engraving at left). We saw this great stand being used in several booths and were on the look out for the makers. I just about bought two on the spot, until Krystal (Deontos' Marketing Director) started to talk to the guy about a possible sponsorship deal.

This little 22 pound device will keep up to a 3,000 pound bike stable parked on any surface and easily adapts to be used as a trailer chock as well. Even a serious effort to push it over won't do anything other than rock the bike. (We pushed HARD.) Just a simple push down on the handle bars will release the bike from the chock and you can ride off in 2 minutes. Genius!

So we'll see how the sponsorship deal works out. Metal is at the paint shop now and I am so antsy to see the finished bike. I also can't wait to see the finished custom seat I ordered.

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