Pearl Harbor Day - December 7th

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Image from US Navy archives

Monday is the 68th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Interview with Survivor Louis Wolff off the USS Maryland

Here in Las Vegas, our small Survivor community is being hosted at the Nellis Airforce Base Officers Club for a luncheon. We are also taking Metal of Honor out to Mountain View Lutheran School to visit the 5th grade class. Then on Tuesday, we'll be at R.O. Gibson Middle School to visit the 6th grade Magnet morning reading classes.

Around the country, there are a number of events marking the day. Here are just a few:
Everett, Washington
Honolulu, Hawaii
Montgomery, Albama
Moline, IL
Contra Costa County, CA
Alameda, CA
Boston, Mass.
Washington, D.C.
Cranford, NJ
Fredericksburg, TX

PHSA list of upcoming events

Survivor and Eyewitness Stories
Louis Wolff, USS Maryland
LTJG Joe Tezanos

William F. "Bill" Bryant
VFW Talk Radio interviews William Muehleib
Carl E. Clark
Harold Tussey
Harold Shore
Joseph Steffan
Joseph McDonald
Paul Landgraf

Ships and Stations involved in the attack
USS Arizona

Summaries of the attack
A summary of the attack and the events leading up to it
Wikipedia on the attack
Contra Costa Demonstrator
National Geographic
Taipei Times

Images of the attack from the Navy

Public reaction to the attack from the Library of Congress

Japanese Subs found by National Geographic

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