What are the odds???

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What are the odds...

... that a Survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor... would die 70 years, TO THE HOUR, of December 7th, 1941... at 8:00am local Hawaii time? (see links to two associated articles below)

Photo: As I arrived at the registration booth for the 2008 Pearl Harbor Survivors Association (PHSA) National Convention in Fredricksberg, Texas, the first two Survivors I met were Frank Curre (left) and his pal William W. Crawley, (right) as they warmed up their sea stories for the days to come.

Photos(2): It seemed like every time I tried to speak with Frank, he once again would be pulled away for a news media interview... and he sure put his heart into each and every interview.

Frank loved his oath to "Remember Pearl Harbor and Keep America Alert"... and fulfilled that duty heroically.

Photo: And once again, amidst the throngs of people gathered on Main St. in Fredricksberg, Texas for the official Pearl Harbor Day ceremonies, the news media had Frank tied down.

What are the odds???....

What are the odds,... that as I made my way through the thousands of people on the street in Fredricksberg,...

TRYING to jockey for position to take a photo of the Texas Air National Guard's F-16's as they raced down the street and performed the "Missing Man" formation...

that none other than Frank Curre would wind up in the foreground of the photo, pointing up to the F-16's at the moment of the break-off for the Missing Man tribute?

What are the odds?

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