What are the odds???

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What are the odds...

... that a Survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor... would die 70 years, TO THE HOUR, of December 7th, 1941... at 8:00am local Hawaii time? (see links to two associated articles below)

Photo: As I arrived at the registration booth for the 2008 Pearl Harbor Survivors Association (PHSA) National Convention in Fredricksberg, Texas, the first two Survivors I met were Frank Curre (left) and his pal William W. Crawley, (right) as they warmed up their sea stories for the days to come.

Photos(2): It seemed like every time I tried to speak with Frank, he once again would be pulled away for a news media interview... and he sure put his heart into each and every interview.

Frank loved his oath to "Remember Pearl Harbor and Keep America Alert"... and fulfilled that duty heroically.

Photo: And once again, amidst the throngs of people gathered on Main St. in Fredricksberg, Texas for the official Pearl Harbor Day ceremonies, the news media had Frank tied down.

What are the odds???....

What are the odds,... that as I made my way through the thousands of people on the street in Fredricksberg,...

TRYING to jockey for position to take a photo of the Texas Air National Guard's F-16's as they raced down the street and performed the "Missing Man" formation...

that none other than Frank Curre would wind up in the foreground of the photo, pointing up to the F-16's at the moment of the break-off for the Missing Man tribute?

What are the odds?

The LAST Parade...

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November 11, 2011 has turned out to be

the very LAST parade for

the Silver State Chapter 2, Las Vegas,

of the

Pearl Harbor Survivors Association

But they are not alone... PHSA Chapters across the nation have already closed down, or are seeing this upcoming December 7th, the 70th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, as an appropriate time to close their books, and close their doors.

Even the PHSA's National Chapter has decided to call it "quits".

... And thankfully, the local Las Vegas news media were out early to get a final interview from the Survivors... Shown here, Las Vegas Chapter 2 President, Clifton Dohrmann may be a bit hard of hearing, but the wisdom and stories he tells most assuredly should be recorded.

I hope you will enjoy the following photos of Chapter 2's final official parade attendance... along with the estimated 40,000 spectators (source: News 13 Las Vegas)

... a snappy salute and a fond farewell are indeed in order.

(click photo to enlarge)

Boys Scouts from local Troop 430 arrived to march in escort of the Pearl Harbor Survivors

Providing his driving services for Survivors Hal LaLone and Ike Schab, retired US Navy LCdr Robert Reiter (green flight jacket) discusses final parade instructions with the Troop 430's Scout Master and Scouts.

One last group photo!... time to get in line!!!

Ok... Time to march... let's wrap up the interviews!

...But Ike KNOWS that his story is important... so just hold on a minute!

And their off!

...But the media thought one last interview with the President was important enough to walk alongside their vehicle as they recorded.
Chapter President Clifton Dohrmann enjoys the Scouts' personal escort.

Survivors Ike Schab (rear) and Hal LaLone (front) show off their huge smiles to all the families and friends waving along the parade route.

What a moving sight... taking photos from the motorcycle... I saw a man, who apparently was the son of a Pearl Harbor Survivor... standing alongside the parade route holding up his Dad's PHSA garrison cap and clutching a folded American flag.

Robert Reiter, LCdr USN(Ret) shakes hands with, and thanks Survivors Hal LaLone and Ike Schab for their service, upon finishing his driving duties at the end of the parade.
Is this the last time I'll see this view during a parade?...

Remember Pearl Harbor... and Keep America Alert!!!

Detailing with Honor...

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(Click on image for larger view)

What an awesome tribute!!!

Wizards Products, the leaders in high performance motorcycle and vehicle detailing products has honored us by placing a tribute to "Metal of Honor"... the Remember Pearl Harbor Tribute Motorcycle on the inside cover of their beautiful new 25th Anniversary product catalog.

True Honor, Fidelity, Love, Always

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On Tuesday, 26 April, 2011, The Marine Corps League of Las Vegas became the proud recipient of a rare set of photos, donated by the President of the Las Vegas Chapter of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Clifton Dohrmann.

Mr. Dohrmann was stationed at Naval Air Station Kaneohe Bay as an Aircrewman flying aboard the famous Catalina PBY flying boats, at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941

While stationed at Kaneohe, he acquired two photographs of a rarely-heard-of Marine Corps Unit called the “Horse Marines”… and listed in the photos as the “Beach Patrol”

Given that Mr. Dohrmann is quickly approaching the age of 90, he decided it was time to donate the two photographs to the Marine Corps League’s Leatherneck Club, wherein the Marines have a beautiful collection of historical photographs.

Mr. Dohrmann told the crowd of League Members that he actually thought he was a Marine at times, given the countless number of times he found himself working so closely with them within his five combat tours during World War II… throughout the South Pacific on remote islands, and during search and rescue operations at Guadalcanal.

Prior to the photo presentation, Pearl Harbor Survivor Clifton Dohrmann takes time to meet a World Trade Center 9-11 Attack Survivor, and Sgt-at-Arms for the Marine Corps League… a true American brotherhood A great voice and flair for recounting history, Clifton tells of his gratitude towards the Marine Corps during World War II. Each and every Marine in attendance found Clifton to be the true American treasure he is.
Upon completion of Clifton’s presentation, he was provided a beautiful “Challenge Coin” from the Marine Corps league, and…

So grateful was the crowd at the Leatherneck Club, that they unanimously nominated Clifton to be their newest Honorary Life Member of the Marine Corps League
A warm transfer of ownership of the photographs helped to round out the presentation
A standing ovation and gratitude from all in attendance
Clifton took a moment at the end of his presentation to pose with two other “Survivors”… these being Survivors of the horrific battle for Iwo Jima.

And of course, Mrs Dohrmann was the proudest of all.

SEMPER FI... Clifton!

Update on Survivor Abuse case...

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The more we learn, the more infuriated the veteran community becomes...

Read this article...
Photo... Survivor Max Bauer, holding left side of banner... pauses with the rest of the gang from the San Diego chapter of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association before the start of the 2005 4th of July Parade in Coronado, California.

Abusing those who provided your freedoms...

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Abusing those who provided your freedoms...

Pearl Harbor Survivor, found living in squalor... abused by caretaker...

Read the latest (Click here)

A picture of Max Bauer... Survivor off the USS Vestal, a Navy repair ship that was tied up next to the USS Arizona on the morning of the December 7th, 1941.

This picture was taken on the 60th Anniversary of the attack, in 2001, as Max stood and reflected upon the 1,177 Sailors and Marines that were killed within feet of where he was standing during the attack.

I've always wondered what Max was thinking at that moment.

A Christmas of Honor...

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What a wonderful gift Pearl Harbor Survivor Clifton Dohrmann of Las Vegas received from his loving wife Ginny.

For months, Ginny had been sneaking around trying to keep secret her intent to give Clifton a beautiful "shadow box" for Christmas.

A shadow box for military veterans usually displays an array of all their medals, ribbons and other awards or accouterments the veteran earned during their time in service to this country.

Pictured above... Christmas Eve as Clifton opened his gift.

Suffice it to say, Ginny was successful in keeping the gift a secret all these months.

Among Clifton's many awards, are two sets of Combat Aircrewman Wings with five stars, denoting five combat tours during World War II. He also was awarded the Air Medal, the Navy Commendation, a Combat Action Ribbon and quite a few more awards for his service in the U.S. Navy.

On December 7th, 1941, Clifton was an Aviation Machinist Mate 2nd Class, and Naval Aircrewman flying aboard the famous PBY Catalina aircraft, stationed at NAS Kaneohe Bay on the island of Oahu.

He retired as a Chief Petty Officer after 15 years of service, and is currently the Vice President of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Silver State Chapter 2 of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Merry Christmas Clifton!

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