An Incredible Time...

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An "Honor" is only the first word that comes to mind after the incredible experience of being welcomed into the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin... as part of their recent Salute to Veterans.

During this past Salute to Veterans event during the Veterans Day, we were invited to place the "Metal of Honor" Pearl Harbor Tribute Motorcycle in the lobby of the Museum... and what an honor that was!!!

The entire staff of the Museum were incredible to work with... in that each and every employee exuded a kind of family teamwork and professionalism that reflects that iconic American attitude of "Get it done!"

It's an historical fact that the Harley-Davidson family has not only been there to help fight for America in the toughest of times, but continues to honor the sacrifices of the American fighting men and women for more than a century. Therefore: It could be said that the Harley-Davidson family indeed falls into the category of "Pearls of Honor!"

Thank you H-D....


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On November 4th, someone mistakenly took my "Pearls of Honor" SAMPLE book...(as seen in this photo above)... from a table at the Harley Davidson Museum.

PLEASE... I'll be more than happy to pay for the postage... PLEASE return it to me... it has important notes and information that is vital to this book project.

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