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PLEASE.... Remember Pearl Harbor and Keep America Alert!

An Incredible Time...

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An "Honor" is only the first word that comes to mind after the incredible experience of being welcomed into the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin... as part of their recent Salute to Veterans.

During this past Salute to Veterans event during the Veterans Day, we were invited to place the "Metal of Honor" Pearl Harbor Tribute Motorcycle in the lobby of the Museum... and what an honor that was!!!

The entire staff of the Museum were incredible to work with... in that each and every employee exuded a kind of family teamwork and professionalism that reflects that iconic American attitude of "Get it done!"

It's an historical fact that the Harley-Davidson family has not only been there to help fight for America in the toughest of times, but continues to honor the sacrifices of the American fighting men and women for more than a century. Therefore: It could be said that the Harley-Davidson family indeed falls into the category of "Pearls of Honor!"

Thank you H-D....


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On November 4th, someone mistakenly took my "Pearls of Honor" SAMPLE book...(as seen in this photo above)... from a table at the Harley Davidson Museum.

PLEASE... I'll be more than happy to pay for the postage... PLEASE return it to me... it has important notes and information that is vital to this book project.

Now THIS is big....

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The Harley-Davidson Museum... located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has invited us to bring the Pearl Harbor Tribute Motorcycle (Metal of Honor)... for a week-long visit and presentation.

(see Facebook promo... and visit the HD Museum website)...

Starting November 3rd, Metal of Honor will be on display in the Museum thru the weekend, and will help Harley-Davidson honor our military, both past and present during this upcoming Veterans Day.

What an honor this will be... and we hope any and all can make it to the Museum for a visit!

Farewell my friend...

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America lost another Pearl Harbor Survivor and true hero of World War II this past week.

James (Jim) C. Bounds... a.k.a. "Outta Bounds" passed away in San Diego on Friday, 10 September, 2010.

See San Diego Union Tribune obituary...

From the very first time I met Jim in the year 2000, I witnessed him treat each and everyone he met as a close friend. Jim, with his renowned sense of humor, always left that new friend with a smile on his or her face.

Considered "the last man off the USS Oklahoma"... Jim was always willing to recount the horrific events of 7 December, 1941, and how he nearly became one of the nearly 430 men lost on that date of infamy.

We all will miss you Jim... and we all thank you for the wonderful example of "being an American" for all of us to follow.

Recent Media Coverage

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It's actually a great honor when various media outlets not only do a story on the Pearl Harbor Tribute Harley, but get the story right and show enthusiasm for the project

A few recent news articles...

San Diego Union Tribune's SignOnSanDiego...

Related SignOnSanDiego video clip...

San Diego Channel 10 News article...
(see video clip link beneath photograph of John Finn)

Las Vegas Review Journal's "The View"...

Honored beyond Honors...

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On 3 June, 2010, a beautiful memorial service was provided for John W. Finn, Lt. USN (Ret) and the first Medal of Honor Recipient of World War II, located in El Cajon, CA.

Many local San Diego Chapter Pearl Harbor Survivors were in attendance. Chapter President and Survivor of the USS West Virginia, Stu Hedley ensures John’s flag is perfect.

An honor bestowed upon me this past week still has me in disbelief. I was asked to ride the Remember Pearl Harbor Tribute Motorcycle in front of the coach carrying John W. Finn to his final resting place 45 miles east of San Diego... escorted by more than 50 Patriot Guard Riders.

Heading east on Interstate 8 with a mile of vehicles behind...

And “Full” Military Honors meant Sailors and Marines as far as the eye could see

BM3 Darren Booth carried out his duties this day in the finest traditions of the United States Navy.

Thank you once again John, for thoughts and memories that will last a life time... and as you wrote in my briefing book, I will indeed "make this book happen!"

Passing of a Hero!!!

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Rest In Peace John W. Finn!!!

A wonderful video by Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News...

Our heartfelt prayers and condolences to the family of John W. Finn.

Rest In Peace my friend

Great Press Coverage...

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We wish to give a special "THANK YOU" to Jan Hogan of the Las Vegas / Summerlin View newspaper for her wonderful article in the May 25th edition of the View about the Pearls of Honor projects....
Pearl Harbor survivor John Finn, 100, signs Dana Harbaugh?s custom Pearl Harbor motorcycle in 2009. His likeness and Congressional Medal of Honor are engraved on the motorcycle?s gas tank. On Dec. 7, 1941, Finn kept gunning at the Japanese Zeros even though he took 20 hits from flying shrapnel during the attack. "He?s a rock star in the veterans? world," Harbaugh said.
Original Article
There were 2,403 deaths as the result of the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Dana Harbaugh is out to see that their sacrifice, and the valor of those who survived, is never forgotten.

He has taken on the task of writing a coffee table book, setting up the website and using his love of motorcycles to outfit one in a Pearl Harbor theme and display it at events.

"It's become, like, my life," he said. "I have a duty to uphold this oath."

Harbaugh's affinity for remembering the tragic event stems from serving nearly seven years in the Navy as an air crewman. His service included Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

The oath he's sworn to uphold was made in 2000. That's when Harbaugh was teaching computer classes to older veterans in Southern California. The Pearl Harbor Survivors Association met in the same building. He approached them, got hooked and eventually was made an honorary member. As such, he took an oath to follow its motto: Remember Pearl Harbor and keep America alert.

Harbaugh, 48, who lives just north of Summerlin, took his themed motorcycle to Mountain View Lutheran School, 9550 W. Charleston Blvd., twice and spoke with students. The decorated bike "was like a magnet," he said. A teacher later told him that all the children had gone on the Internet to learn more about Pearl Harbor.

He also has been interviewed on radio, spoken before the American Legion Post 149, ridden the bike in parades and made appearances with it at special events.

Ed Hall, 86, was a truck driver for the Army Air Corps at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked. He said Harbaugh's devotion to honoring that tragedy would result in more people understanding its significance.

"It's not really taught in school, not enough," he said. "Many people don't even know where Pearl Harbor is or even what it is."

Harbaugh used his skills as a longtime photographer to take an estimated 30,000 pictures of the survivors at various events over the years. They, too, are part of his mission.

"Everyone would ask me for copies, and they all wanted different shots, so I figured I'd put them (the photos) in a book," he said.

That book is titled "Pearls of Honor: Their Duty to Remember." He plans to self-publish it and has had a sample printed. But he said its content still needs work and has no set completion date.
In 2008, he bought a new Harley-Davidson Cross Bones motorcycle and began having it engraved with depictions from that fateful day: a quote from Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto on awakening a sleeping giant; depictions of the vessels that were torpedoed and bombed; and the number of soldiers who died in the attack. The USS Arizona also is on it, seen in three stages -- as it looked at sea, how it looked after being torpedoed and the monument at Pearl Harbor. In all, 1,177 men died on that ship.
Sandy Steiner of Chrome Fusion and his son, Jason Steiner, did the hand engraving. Dwight Purcell of Purcellz Customz did the paint work. Shirley Zanelli of BadAss Seats did the leather work.

Sandy Steiner said the depictions took "a million and a half hours" to complete. He is an Army veteran, and while most of the shop's jobs are intricate, "this was the most engraving we've ever done on a motorcycle."

The bike was finished in 2009. It's been named Metal of Honor.
Pearl Harbor survivor John Finn is 100. His likeness is engraved on the gas tank, as is his Congressional Medal of Honor. He signed the gas tank next to his image.

On Dec. 7, 1941, Finn kept gunning at the Japanese Zeros even though he took 20 hits from flying shrapnel during the attack.
"He's a rock star in the veterans' world," Harbaugh said.
On Veterans Day, Nov. 11, he'll have Metal of Honor at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. Meanwhile, he plans to attend Pearl Harbor Survivor Association events in California and Nevada.

Contact Summerlin and Summerlin South View reporter Jan Hogan at or 387-2949.

Teaching Virtues Early...

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(Photo: Ed Hall, President of the Las Vegas Chapter of the Pearl Harbor Survivors, takes great care in helping these young Americans who volunteered to march in a recent Veterans Day Parade with the Pearl Harbor Survivors... teaching the young the virtues of Service, Patriotism and Loyalty comes naturally to all the Survivors)
We have decided to post a letter recently received from a 10th grade student from Brenham High School in Brenham, Texas addressed to the President of the Las Vegas Chapter of the Pearl Harbor Survivors... along with the response from the President.

Honor, Respect, Kindness, Thankfulness, Service... such virtues among many others are indeed still being taught to our youth in segments of the country.

First Letter:

Student Amie Meaux
Brenham High School
525 A. H. Ehrig Dr.
Brenham, TX 77833

March 22, 2010

Edward Hall
Las Vegas, NV 89131

Dear Mr. Hall

My name is Amie Meaux. I am a 10th grade student at Brenham H.S. in Brenham, Texas. On February 18th of this year, Mr. Larry Cappetto came and talked to our school about the “Lest they be forgotten” program.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for your service to our country. It is because of your bravery during World War II that I am allowed many great opportunities.

Thank you very much for your service ot the United States. It is greatly appreciated.


Amie Meaux

Reply Letter from Silver State Chapter 2 President Edward E. Hall

Dear Amie Meaux,

What a wonderful surprise to hear from you! Thank for writing me. It delights me to know you have taken an interest in what took place at Pearl Harbor.

Our country is worth fighting for. America is the best there is. We must defend it to keep it free.

I will share your letter with the other members of the Pearl Harbor Survivors. It will delight them all.

It’s so nice to know you realize and appreciate (as I’m sure many others do.) the lives that were lost to make sure we all remain free and able to take advantage of our opportunities. Make good use of all that is offered to you and never forget the brave men that keep our country free. I would be happy to answer any of your questions and hear from you again. Thank you!


Edward E. Hall
President of the Pearl Harbor Survivors

P.S. Remember Pearl Harbor and Keep America Alert!

Virtual Virtues

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(click to enlarge photo)
After more than ten years of interacting with the Survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor, one thing continues to keep pushing me forward with this project… the quite-real and recurring sense that the Good Lord above has placed this calling in my path.

Otherwise seemingly mundane photographs, stories and anecdotes witnessed, upon further reflection, hold in them strange ironies and historical coincidences that invariably leave me with a sense of awe and wonderment if indeed it truly was I who pushed the button on the camera or God Himself.

Similar to the words within the title of this book, Pearls of Honor: Their Duty to Remember, from its inception, I have hoped to show with great clarity and example how the Survivors carry with them what most Americans believe are those long lost virtues such as Honor, Duty, Fidelity, Truth, Loyalty, Honesty, Courage, Heroism, Devotion, Humility, Integrity, Knowledge, Love, Perseverance, Piety, Selflessness, Thankfulness, Trust, Wisdom.

Most Americans know how, most-profoundly in the 1960’s, a large portion of the population began to publicly berate, besmirch, belittle, demean, ridicule and or otherwise show great contempt for anything in popular culture that even remotely touched upon or aspired to, classical virtues.

Anyone suggesting that such virtues should be held out as goals for not only our young, but for all citizens was, and in many arenas still is, held out for public derision.

The Pearl Harbor Survivors are one of the few last remaining public examples for our young people to look up to and actually see such virtue not only in words, but in action.

Likewise, it seems as though God once again over the last few months, wished to ensure that I had a constant reminder of the antithesis of such virtues. He wanted me to have, and has given me, a daily reminder of the pain and anguish that such callous and arrogant disregard for such virtues can bring to a society… so that hopefully, my words in this upcoming book can tell future generations how truly honorable these “Pearls of Honor” have been… and how they, with great fidelity and loyalty carried out “Their Duty to Remember.”

Hopefully, the stories and images of these true American heroes will provide at least one small example of what virtues are and the corresponding dignity that comes to those who aspire to them.

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