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On Tuesday, 26 April, 2011, The Marine Corps League of Las Vegas became the proud recipient of a rare set of photos, donated by the President of the Las Vegas Chapter of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Clifton Dohrmann.

Mr. Dohrmann was stationed at Naval Air Station Kaneohe Bay as an Aircrewman flying aboard the famous Catalina PBY flying boats, at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941

While stationed at Kaneohe, he acquired two photographs of a rarely-heard-of Marine Corps Unit called the “Horse Marines”… and listed in the photos as the “Beach Patrol”

Given that Mr. Dohrmann is quickly approaching the age of 90, he decided it was time to donate the two photographs to the Marine Corps League’s Leatherneck Club, wherein the Marines have a beautiful collection of historical photographs.

Mr. Dohrmann told the crowd of League Members that he actually thought he was a Marine at times, given the countless number of times he found himself working so closely with them within his five combat tours during World War II… throughout the South Pacific on remote islands, and during search and rescue operations at Guadalcanal.

Prior to the photo presentation, Pearl Harbor Survivor Clifton Dohrmann takes time to meet a World Trade Center 9-11 Attack Survivor, and Sgt-at-Arms for the Marine Corps League… a true American brotherhood A great voice and flair for recounting history, Clifton tells of his gratitude towards the Marine Corps during World War II. Each and every Marine in attendance found Clifton to be the true American treasure he is.
Upon completion of Clifton’s presentation, he was provided a beautiful “Challenge Coin” from the Marine Corps league, and…

So grateful was the crowd at the Leatherneck Club, that they unanimously nominated Clifton to be their newest Honorary Life Member of the Marine Corps League
A warm transfer of ownership of the photographs helped to round out the presentation
A standing ovation and gratitude from all in attendance
Clifton took a moment at the end of his presentation to pose with two other “Survivors”… these being Survivors of the horrific battle for Iwo Jima.

And of course, Mrs Dohrmann was the proudest of all.

SEMPER FI... Clifton!


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