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Right before he left for California yesterday, Dana took Metal of Honor over to visit with the crew at Chrome Fusion who did all the engraving, detail line painting and managed Metal's transformation from stock Harley to rolling history lesson.

Sandy and Jason did all the hand engraving, while Joyce (with some "supervision" from Harley the dog) did all the line painting and managed the movement of all of Metal's parts from their shop to the paint shop and over to the cycle shop for eventual reassembly. Their work on the bike is nothing short of astonishing.

metal of honor tribute harley pearl harbor world war IIFrom left to right: Pearls of Honor author Dana Harbaugh, Jason Steiner, Joyce Steiner and Sandy Steiner of Chrome Fusion Custom Engraving.

Dana just called from John Finn's 100th birthday BBQ. being held about 10 miles from his ranch house in the high desert. It was supposed to be a "small affair" with just 20 people or so. It is, in fact, a huge soiree with over 4,000 in attendance! Metal of Honor is parked on the stage near where John is seated. Dana says she is drawing a LOT of attention. I should have pics to post later today.


On 9/04/2009 1:15 PM , Bart Banks said...

Chrome Fusion Custom Engraving are thieves! I can't believe you are dealing with these low life people.
They are stealing money from my wife right now.
I check out everyone before dealing with them, but my wife doesn't always do that.
She ordered and paid for an engraved derby cover for her bike 4 months ago and every week when she calls to check on it, Joyce continues to tell her the same lies, that it will ship this week. STILL NO DERBY COVER!!!
I checked other complaints on this company and it looks like they are doing this to everyone.
Taking peoples money and sending nothing to anyone. Sandy, Joyce, Jason and Shawn you are all thieves.
You can't call something a Metal of Honor if it was made by thieves.

On 9/04/2009 9:29 PM , Pearls1 said...

I'm sorry you feel that way. Obviously, our experience with them has been positive.

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