Unexpected heroine

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Today is the 65th Anniversary of D-day, the allied landing on the beach at Normandy, France that was the beginning of the end for the Nazi's iron grip over Europe and in fact, the whole of WWII. Much was done and said to mark the anniversary by world leaders and the public alike.

Especially striking in NPR's coverage was the story of an American woman living in Paris during the war who helped smuggle 60 downed aviators out of Nazi-occupied France. It almost cost her life in a Nazi death camp, but she always told her son that these continued acts of heroism were simply her duty as an American.

"All Things Considered, June 6, 2009 · As President Obama commemorates the sacrifices made by American troops on the D-Day beaches, supporters of another American hero who helped to liberate France are calling for her role to be recognized. Virginia D'Albert Lake stayed on in France during the German occupation, joined the resistance and helped to rescue more than 60 Allied airmen."

Here's to you, Virginia and to all those who, although not wearing the uniform, still choose to serve.

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