SuperRun 2009

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The view of Water Street from our tent in the front parking lot of the Rainbow Club

We're out with Metal of Honor today and tomorrow for the 2009 SuperRun Car and Bike show in Henderson, NV. The event is free and families are encouraged to attend. Water Street (henderson's main drag) and many of the side streets are shut down for the next few days while classic, custom and show cars and bikes take over the city's downtown Business District.

When we came in at 7:30 this morning, it was already packed. One of the fellows at the gate found us a place for the trailer - even though we had to squeeze in. His dad is a Pearl Harbor Survivor and the pictures of the many Survivors on the trailer swayed him right to our side. So we got all set up on Panama and Pacific street next to a sweet blue Mustang.

Then I went wandering and met the VFW guys in the parking lot at The Rainbow Club. The GM and the Assistant GM immediately invited us to move the bike and trailer over here once I showed them a picture. Someone hadn't shown up and they had THE PERFECT SPOT open for both the bike and the trailer. I guess it was fate. Metal of Honor is parked in front of the trailer and getting all kinds of "stop in their tracks" looks. The staff and security here at The Rainbow are the friendliest and most professional of folks. Next time you're in Henderson, you should stop in for some of this old-fashioned hospitality!

20-year Army Veteran Oakie having a good look at Metal of Honor

We put out last week's four 1st Place plaques from the Cub Scouts Car and Bike Show at Red Rock Harley. It was a small show, but you can tell the boys worked so hard on the plaques. We wanted them to be on display in case any of the boys and their family come down. Plus, I'm very proud of my first sweep of trophies for Metal of Honor. It's like seeing your kid get an "A" on her first spelling bee. Baby steps to greatness ;)


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