A TRUE "Wrap Artist!"....

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On Saturday, September 12th, AIGA held its Tenth Anniversary Las Vegas Work Show to showcase the best graphic design artists in Nevada.

My incredibly talented “Graphic Artist”, now-turned Marketing Director, Krystal Hosmer entered into this annual contest the finished design of our Pearls of Honor Trailer… which hauls the beautiful “Metal of Honor” Pearl Harbor Tribute Motorcycle to various events.

Last evening, Krystal received this award for her work on the design, and all I can say is… “I could of told AIGA that you were the best."

When I first started the work on this proposed book of photos of the Pearl Harbor Survivors, it was my greatest hope that these photographs would be displayed in the highest quality book format that I could afford. As well, given that I have never been a "professional" photographer, it would be critical that any digital work on the photos would need to be extensive and of the highest quality.

After working with Krystal for as long as it has been, I can honestly say that she is truly a God-send, and not only does she bring to the table the incredibly high skill level recognized last evening by her peers, but she brings with her a true and deeply engrained respect for who the Pearl Harbor Survivors are and where they stand in this nation's history... a combination of attributes that I know will help to make this project second to none.

Congratulations Krystal, you're awesome!


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