Metal of Honor on Fremont Street

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Our friends in the band CTS made it possible for us to have Metal of Honor on display this weekend at the Fremont Street Experience. Catherine and her staff at Vegas Experience were so friendly and helpful, not to mention the nice folks at the Golden Nugget.

We were overwhelmed by the response from the public. The minute Dana pulled the bike in, the crowds started. We had anywhere from 2 to 20 people around all the time. We must have talked to two thousand people over the two days. Since this was Bike Fest weekend, of course a lot of fellow motorcycle riders - many of them veterans - saw the bike. Fremont Street is also very popular with tourists, so we also saw a lot of kids and families. I enjoyed watching people do that double take as they were walking and get drawn into looking at all the engravings. The many emotions passing over the faces of the vets and the public were truly awe inspiring.

It was a great venue for us and I hope they invite us back.

Metal of Honor looked lovely under the world's largest sign.
Who is John Finn and why did he sign our gas tank?

Quite a few people, including these two lovely ladies, asked Dana to sign posters or pose for photos. It was the first time he got to feel a little bit like a rock star.

My mom (a.k.a. the Deontos Publishing Booth Mama) got into the spirit of Fremont Street's Summer of '69 promotion and wore one of my brother's Jerry Bear tye dyes.

The cameras came out to snap pictures of Metal of Honor - especially from the many veterans who were at Fremont Street over the weekend.

We didn't have stanchions until a bit later in the day on Friday,
but everyone was very respectful of the bike.


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