Shine with Wizards

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When you have a bike like ours, you have to be very careful what products you use to clean and maintain the finish. Anything has any harsh abrasives could scratch Metal's chrome or paint. Worse, any residue left by the cleaner would leave gunk in the engravings, dulling their exquisite details. When Metal of Honor first came out of Chrome Fusion's shop, Jason recommended Wizard's Mist n' Shine as the only cleaner we needed.

So that's what we've been using, liberally applied to a multi-fiber polishing cloth. You just wipe the bike down with gentle strokes and the bike just GLOWS. The cleaner contains no wax, solvents or silicone. It doesn't have any petroleum in it to possibly damage the leather seat or discolor other parts of the bike if you did happen to over spray.

We've been really happy with it so far and gladly recommend it for any show bike. You can try it in a small size with this handy saddle pack containing a cloth, Mist n' Shine and two other detailing products.

Wizard's is also made in the USA, another plus in our book! You'll be hearing a bit more about Wizard's from us in the future, as we've struck up a relationship with them to do some promotional marketing with Metal of Honor.


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