Metal of Honor on the Move

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I went with Dana today to pick Metal of Honor up from Chrome Fusion. She was in the shop having her pipes re-coated. The original black powder coat was flaking off. The new powder coat has a high gloss instead of matte finish. Dana isn't sure he likes it as much, but it will wear MUCH Better and hopefully not flake off.

metal of honor pipes powder coat harley davidson
Here's Dana and Sandy (he did all the hand engraving on Metal of Honor) with the bike inside the shop. As you can see, Sandy is a very busy man with a bunch of projects in the hopper. He says he going to stop doing small projects and focus on full bike jobs, like Metal. So if you wanted an engraved bike, well now you know who to call!

Chrome fusion harley davidson

We didn't bring the trailer so Dana rode Metal over to Red Rock Harley where she has to go into the shop again for a factory recall to replace something or other. He rarely gets to ride her and LOVES how loud and fast she is. Don't really get to open her up in traffic since I don't think we went over 40mph. A pretty sedate ride for him, but I did get to drive the large and luxurious Ford Explorer (or whatever this giant SUV is that he owns) behind him on the way over. No way am I letting some idiot get behind him and damage "my" Harley! I usually drive a tiny Nissan Versa and well, you certainly feel much more invulnerable in one of these tanks! Once I figured out where the parking brake was hidden so I could disengage it so it would quit beeping at me, I quite enjoyed the air conditioned seats. It was a mind-numbing 110 degrees in Vegas today, in case you were wondering.

Dana checking out the new tank guard leather piece from Shirley over at BadAss Seats.

metal of honor harley davidson

Watch out - Woman driver with a camera! (hey, I can poke fun at myself but you better hush!)

metal of honor harley davidson

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