Metal of Honor at the USS Midway

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metal of honor tribute harley pearl harbor world war II john finn navyDana is on the road in San Diego for Memorial Day weekend. He sent back these very first pictures of the finished Metal of Honor Pearl Harbor Tribute Harley taken near the USS Midway Carrier in San Diego Harbor.

metal of honor tribute harley pearl harbor world war II john finn navy
The USS Midway is the longest-serving Navy aircraft carrier of the 20th century. The floating "city at sea" is permanetly docked in San Diego Harbor and is open daily for tours of the carrier.

The entire city of San Diego has special meaning for Dana, as it is where he first met Ben Boosinger and the other Survivors. They hold their monthly meetings at the Veteran's Museum and Memorial in Balboa Park. Dana met them all when he volunteered to teach a basic computer class for veterans. During the course of the class "Uncle" Ben told Dana he was now an honorary member of the San Diego Carnation Chapter of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association. Would you tell an 85 year old war hero "no"? Attending the meetings brought Dana into their world of service and duty. Being a Navy veteran himself, this began a long friendship with Ben and all of the other survivors that morphed into a life mission — documented in over 20,000 photographs. Some of these will be shared in Dana's upcoming book, Pearls of Honor: Their Duty to Remember.

If you are in San Diego, Dana, the trailer and Metal of Honor will be at the Memorial Services at Mt. Soledad on Monday. Look for him in the lower parking lot. He says the media typically attends this event in force and he is excited to possibly get some news coverage. More importantly, however, he is chomping at the bit to show the bike to John Finn tomorrow and put the last piece in place, John's signature on the gas tank next to his picture and his Medal of Honor. Once Dana comes back to Vegas, the signature will be clear coated by Dwight at Purcellz Customz.

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