Metal's Trailer is almost ready to roll!

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Today post is from Krystal, the Marketing Director and Designer for Pearls of Honor and Deontos Publishing.

Now that Dana is out of the hospital, I can't keep the man still! He had a heart attack last week and here he is today over at Color Reflections chivving Mark's crew along and taking pictures of them installing the trailer wrap I designed for Metal's home on the road. It's coming along wonderfully and we should have pics of the final wrap tomorrow. Dana, the trailer and hopefully the completed Metal of Honor Tribute Harley should be in San Diego at Mt. Soledad for the Memorial Day services. His brother is flying in to drive with him as I made THREATS.. serious threats should he decide to drive alone. He also went over to Arlen Ness and Chrome Fusion today as well to make sure that part of things is on scedule. No rest for the almost dead, I guess.

Can I take away his caffeine, yet?


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