Metal's paint and chrome is shaping up!

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After months of waiting and watching, my 2008 Harley Davidson Crossbones massive customization project is almost done! Metal of Honor: The Pearl Harbor Tribute Bike should be complete early next week in time for my trip to San Diego to attend the Memorial day services at Mt. Soledad. I will also meet with my dear friend John Finn, the oldest living Medal of Honor recipient from World War II, so that he can inspect the finished bike and add the last touch, his signature on the gas tank. John will be turning 100 this year and his sea stories are fascinating to listen to. One cannot help but admire his zest for life and seemingly endless energy. The plan is for me to ride Metal of Honor as part of his escort this summer in the Coronado, California 4th of July Parade. John has been asked to be the Grand Marshal.

Here are some pictures from the paint shop at Purcellz Cuztomz, Arlen Ness (bike assembly) and Chrome Fusion (hand engraving) of the bike in progress.

Metal's gas tank with the hand engraving done by Sandy at Chrome Fusion hung for painting at Purcellz Cuztomz.
Dwight Purcellz doing some sanding prior to applying the pearl coat.

The front of the gas tank has a 1940's era Harley Davidson logo and
Hula girls framing a picture of John Finn.

One of the medals awarded for heroism during the attack.

With John's permission, Sandy at Chrome Fusion engraved not only his picture but his actual Medal of Honor, both front and back onto the tank.

The rear fender has a depiction of the Hawaiian islands and a list of all the ships that were damaged in the attack. All ships were repaired and went on to serve during World War II, except the USS Arizona, which was sunk by torpedos. The ship is still listed as "active" in the Navy as it silently stands vigil for the many man entombed in her at the bottom of Pearl Harbor.

The Pearl White paint has a sheen that is very iridescent in the sunlight. The tank will now return to Chrome Fusion where Joyce will be doing some color work on the engraving, then come back to Purcellz for the final clear coat. Then it goes over to Arlen Ness to be reassembled.

On the other side of the tank, the USS Arizona is shown sailing, listing before she sank on December 7th, 1941 and in her current form as a Memorial and tomb of some service men killed that day.


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