Along for the ride with Dwight and Sandy

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We've been asked by Dwight and Sandy to join them next week for the filming of an upcoming episode of Pawn Stars on the History Channel. The show is set at a local Vegas pawn shop and apparently, they've come across a 1959 Harley Davidson that they want to restore.

Dwight and Sandy will both be involved in the restoration project on the Harley as we mentioned in the last post. Dwight has the producers talked into doing a very short segment on Metal of Honor as an example of Dwight and Sandy's craftsmanship. Not sure exactly what to expect when we head over to Dwight's shop early next week, but I am all for any excuse to show Metal off. We hear the show will air very soon after filming. As soon as we have a date, we'll post it here.

Speaking of rides, we are also getting ready for The Honor Run during the first weekend of September. Still trying to find a good wireless credit card processor and outfits for my booth girls.

Haven't heard of The Honor Run? Got a motorcycle? Hit the road for our Heroes!

Ride for those who can't

America’s heroes need your help. Today’s technology mercifully moves an injured soldier from battlefield to fully-equipped hospital in less than an hour. What’s this mean? It means the number of amputees we bring home from war has skyrocketed over previous conflicts. It means 1 in 4 injured warriors now come home with a traumatic injury of some kind. And the hospitals they come home to, while better equipped to handle them, are often ill-equipped to provide for their families. What can we do? Here’s what we can do. There’s this thing called The Honor Run, a coast-to-coast ride that ends in Southern California with a massive party at the Oakley Headquarters in Foothill Ranch. You can ride all the way or just for a day for the same low price. The donations we raise will help a number of organizations take care of the men and women who took care of us. As well as their families.

Dave Barr, a double-amputee, will take off from the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. on August 28th.

As he and his buddies pick up steam and riders crossing the country, they’ll roll through a bunch of states. Ending up at Oakley headquarters in Orange County, California for a monumental celebration.

Word is, this thing could be up to thousands as it thunders on home.

The 1st Marine Division Association is on board. So's law enforcement, firefighters and the Vietnam Veterans of America.

So’s CSI New York’s Gary Sinise and his Lt. Dan Band, scheduled to get it on at the giant celebration at Oakley on the 5th.

All we need are you and your brothers to ride with this very simple message.

"America, the time has come to pay back our heroes."

With pennies. Dollars. Jobs. Education. Care. Whatever we’ve got. There are no politics in these efforts. No Republicans. No Democrats. Only Americans. We need your help out there on the road. To ride. To support the ride. To spread the word on the ride. We need all of America, but the message starts with you. These are our heroes. They fought for all of us. Now’s our chance to fight for them.

Ride for them. Ride for you. Ride for honor.

Register here


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