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Here's what the new Remember Pearl Harbor bumper sticker looks like on Krystal's car. She finally managed to get one on the truck straight and with no bubbles, so we'll get a picture of that up soon.

.... and here's what Dwight's face (Purcellz Customz - Metal of Honor paint artist) looked like when we took him over a stack of posters, stickers, bookmarks and flyers. He is pictured on the flyer along with Sandy from Chrome Fusion (Metal of Honor engraver). Can you believe he said his mom was gonna be thrilled to see him on the flyer and that we made his day? He was really floored by how beautiful the photographer made Metal look in the pictures and loved the poster.

By the way, if you watch Pawn Stars on the history channel, look for Dwight's work in an upcoming episode. He is going to restore the paint on a 1950's era Harley Davidson pan head motorcycle for the show. He was on the phone with the show's producers when we arrived. Don't tell me I don't know how to pick talent! We just heard that Sandy is going to do the chrome work on the bike for the same episode. Maybe we'll go see if the Pawn Stars guys can peg the value on Metal of Honor? They appraise unique collectibles all day, right?

Yesterday, we took posters over to Red Rock Harley's service department. Matt and the crew there take the best care of Metal of Honor and my Street Glide whenever they have to go in.

Then we went to see Sandy, Jason and Joyce at Chrome Fusion to drop some posters for them. They are cooking up the neatest new cover products for their Austin Steiner line. This one in particular would make a great gift for a military man. They mentioned that a Remember Pearl Harbor coin to go inside the timing covers will be available soon. They are working with the mint on the design right now. Of course, I'll have to get one for the Street Glide as Metal already has a beautiful Purple Heart engraved on hers.

Then over to drop some posters off to Mark at Color Reflections. His team printed and installed Metal's trailer wrap.

Last stop, was at Nate's front porch. Had to leave quite a few posters for the photographer!

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