Prepping for the Honor Run

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We have just about everything together to join The Honor Run in Mesquite, NV on Thursday, September 3rd.

Metal of Honor will be on display under the big tent at the Casablanca Resort in Mesquite, NV on September 3rd. Stop by and see how much you know about Pearl Harbor as you look over the engravings on the bike.

We'll trailer the bike and chase the Run from Mesquite to San Marcos, CA on September 4th.

I'll ride Metal of Honor the last 50 miles from San Marcos, CA to Oakley Sunglasses Headquarters on September 5th. The bike will then be on stage with Medal of Honor recipient John Finn (if his health allows.)

I'm really excited to hear that a portion of the monies raised will go to a Fischer House here in Las Vegas at the new VA Hospital. I encourage all my fellow vets and riders to join us for the NV leg from Mesquite to Baker, CA and make a donation for our hometown vets.

The cross country leg of the Honor Run is leaving Missouri this morning, on the way to Kansas. You can follow the progress of the run at their blog.

More information about the Honor Run
The Honor Run, on the other hand, has become just that. Being denied the opportunity to go to Afghanistan or Iraq and still wanting to give back to our military, Barr joined forces with the president of the 1st Marine Division Association, Oceanside, Colonel Len Hays, USMC, ret., Harry Steelman and Major Bill Mimiaga, USMC, ret., who in December of 2008 decided to expand on a state-wide riding concept developed in Texas. "Initially we were thinking of doing a one-day run in California but then we thought 'why not do a nationwide ride?' and it took off from there." Barr said. When the 1st Marine Division Association came on board the only looking back was in the side-view mirrors.

The first of three scheduled runs, Barr envisions this annual event to run indefinitely. "Each year I believe it will get bigger and better." Barr said as he begins to mention the seemingly endless list of supporters which are highlighted on the web page,

Regardless if for three years or for thirty, the thousands of supporters and riders for The Honor Run are proud to join forces with Dave Barr in making this ride all about The Fisher House and the heroes therein.


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