2009 Las Vegas Veteran's Day Parade with the Pearl Harbor Survivors

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Pearl Harbor Survivors muster up

I was so honored to escort our local Pearl Harbor Survivors for the 2009 Las Vegas Veteran's Day Parade. Ginnie (the Vice President's wife, who organizes the parades) was very concerned that they wouldn't be able to appear because none of them are strong enough to carry the banners and flags for the mile plus parade route. She asked me to find some volunteers. My marketing director Krystal's daughter and and her family and friends were happy to help out.

I rode Metal of Honor in the front, followed by the big banner carried by Holly and best friend Madison, Dr. Collins and Madison's Grandpa Ken came next, proudly carrying the American flag and the Survivors flag followed by the Survivors in two cars. Ike (89), Jack (94, the oldest Survivor in Las Vegas) and Tiny Gold and Clif (88, Vice President of the Chapter) & Ginnie Dohrmann were able to make it out. President Ed Hall and his wife Doreen had to cancel due to illness. Krystal and Norah (with her two patriotic parade dogs) roamed up and down the group, passing out bumper stickers and bookmarks to the huge crowds. We ran out before we even hit the halfway mark! Krystal decked out the cars with ribbon and tinsel, not to mention painting & decorating the kids.

Despite Clif's advancing age, he marched alongside the car for most of the route. The crowd gave him a lot of applause. Ginnie told us later that we had made it so worry-free for them that if they are still able to drive next year, they will attend now that they know they have our support.

We are still adding to our flickr album, so please check back for more pics.


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