Toys for Tots Charity Golf Tournament at Nellis AFB

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Last week, we attended the annual Toys for Tots Charity Golf Classic at Nellis Air Force Base. As it was the weekend before Aviation Nation, we were treated to quite the airshow. Some of our pics are below.


B-25 Mitchells used to great effect by flyers off the USS Hornet in the Doolittle Raid to bomb Tokyo, Japan and 4 other cities 4 months after the Pearl Harbor attack.

During the practice flying for the Aviation Nation Air Show at Nellis Airforce Base we got buzzed by history. Wish we could have gotten a closer in shot, but it's not wasy to catch planes flying over 200 mph!

From top left, an F-4 Phantom which flew during Vietnam, a P-38 Lightning from World War II which was fast enough to outrun the German Messerschmitts, an F-86 Sabre from the Korean War which fought Russian-made MIGs, and an A-10 Warthog which is flying right now over Afghanistan and Iraq.


A C-17 Globemaster III ( shows off her surprising agility over the golf course at Nellis Air Force Base during the Toys for Tots Golf Tournament.


Perfect blue sky shot of two Navy planes with a little Photoshop


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