Vegas Valley Book Festival

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We had a great time out at the Vegas Valley Book Festival this weekend. Our friend Richard had a nice tent set up for us in the Local Authors Fair area in the historic Frank Lloyd Wright courtyard of the 5th Street School.

The bike got a lot of attention, but it was eclipsed by our special guests — local Survivor Clif Dohrmann and his wife Ginnie.

Las Vegas Pearl Harbor Survivor Clif Dohrmann (Navy Aircrew, Kanehoe Bay) tells a young man about his experiences on the morning of December 7, 1941 at the Pearls Of Honor booth during the local Authors Fair at the 2009 Vegas Valley Book Festival.

Clif spoke to several people about his experiences on December 7th and even took to the podium to educate the audience on the importance of supporting today's military personnel.

Two sisters listen intently to living history as local Pearl Harbor Survivor Clif Dohrmann recounts his experiences on the morning of December 7, 1941 during the Local Author's Fair at the 2009 Vegas Valley Book Festival. Mr. Dohrmann was the guest of author Dana Harbaugh. Mr. Harbaugh's book Pearls of Honor: Their Duty to Remember will profile the current activities of the Survivors to keep the memory of World War II and the attack on Pearl Harbor alive for today's generation.

Dana visits with Clif and Ginnie.

Ginnie showing some children a picture of the PBY aircraft that Clif flew aboard throughout World War II. Clif related that of the 36 PBYs stationed at Kanehoe Bay on December 7th, only 3 were intact after the Japanese attacks because they had been out on patrol.

When the Zeros arrived, the aircraft were parked wing to wing, fully fueled with 1,700 tons of high octane gas for Monday morning maneuvers. When the bombs and gun fire hit them, they went up like bombs themselves. There was little the Navy sailors could do. Clif and other sailors pulled machine guns from the burning planes and ran to the ammo lockers as fast as they could in an attempt to meet the threat from the air.

Dana yielded his time on the microphone over to Clif in order for the audience to get a taste of "living history" right from the mouth of a Survivor.

We hope to see our Las Vegas residents come out for tomorrow's Veteran's Day Parade. As I mentioned earlier, this will be the chapter's last parade. Join us at 4th Street and Gass Ave. at 10am to show your support for all of our troops and veterans.


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