VVBF This Weekend

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Nearing 90 years old, Las Vegas Survivor Clifton Dohrmann climbed right up on Metal of Honor for a picture during our visit to Nellis AFB in July of 2009. He was just delighted to see the bike and his picture on the front of the trailer. Once up on the bike, he gave Metal a good look over. He seemed very touched by the tribute to him and those he served with at Pearl Harbor.

While you're enjoying the Target Children's Book Festival during the Vegas Valley Book Festival, stop by to see Metal of Honor in the Plaza. You'll have the rare chance to meet living history in the person of our good friend Clif Dohrmann, Pearl Harbor Survivor. He'll be on hand to meet the kids and tell them a bit about life in the Service during World War II and elaborate on some of the images on our bike.Clif was in the Navy stationed at NAS Kanehoe Bay as part of a PBY Catalina aircraft crew on the day of the attack. He served a full 8 years and was in most of the major battles of the War. This is a great chance to introduce your kids to the War that shaped the world as we know it and get them excited about history.


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